8 Easy-to-Use Resources for Pod Parents

The term learning pod (or “pod learning”) has gone from relative obscurity to a huge part of the national conversation in a matter of  weeks. As we look to whatever “back to school” means right now, those pods are quickly gaining popularity as a small, simple, alternative for families looking for a school-like atmosphere, some socializing, and the benefits of group learning. 

The questions and curiosity about learning pods are piling up and many busy and working parents are exploring how to do school this year, in any of its permutations, while balancing work demands. 

We’ve pulled together a list of  helpful resources for pod schooling:

  • Learning Pods is a collaboration of a small group of innovative K-12 schools based in the New York and San Francisco areas, and a good example of a successful Pod program. The Learning Pod curriculum and projects have been designed using the schools’ progressive, project-based approaches. 
  • Modulo provides a step-by-step, single hunt / plentiful gathering of information about pod-learning. Modulo’s explainers and community cover everything from COVID-19 safety tips within your pod to determining the pod’s core values and budget. Modulo has experience and tons of knowledge to get you going. 
  • PodMom is a new service that works in a way akin to eHarmony or Match, using your profile to match you with a group and a facilitator. Those that use the service swear by it and it’s a great turnkey way to get started.
  • StudyPoint offers an intuitive and easy-to-use service that builds one-on-one experiences or 3-on-1 tutoring pods. These aren’t quite the same as the learning pods we’re hearing about on the news, but StudyPoint’s 3-on-1 model is safe, simple, and affordable.
  • The folks at Outschool have put together a list for anyone looking to set up one of their “digital pods.” The digital platform connects small groups together with an educator; then they’re off to the races.
  • You’ll find that LearningPodsHub is pretty aptly named. They’re building a simple infrastructure to help learners and providers come together and build out their pods quickly and easily. Nothing too fancy here, just some smart Google Forms and a dedicated team working to get folks together.
  • One recent and informative article highlighted a story about why some parents are moving to pod schooling … particularly as it relates to safety concerns around COVID-19.  Parents unhappy with school options assemble learning ‘pods’
  • The Pandemic Pods Facebook Group has garnered a lot of recent attention and provides a great outlet for knowledge-sharing and finding resources across a host of issues and subjects. Best of all, group members can post questions and find pods in their area. 

The above provides a smattering of some of our favorite resources and guides on pod schooling and learning.  As we collectively prepare for what can only be described as a “new normal,” we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for new and helpful resources to keep you informed and engaged.