Thinking about pod learning? Here’s your first stop.

Learning has been different this year and what works for some kids might not work for yours. That doesn’t have to be bad news; It’s actually a great opportunity to rethink education for your kids.The new semester can be a fresh start with a new way of learning.

We know that kids can #LearnEverywhere, so we put together several resources to help you find out what you need to know. 

Many busy and working parents are exploring how to do school this semester, in any of its permutations, while balancing work demands. 

In our article, “What Are Learning Pods,”we explore the necessity and benefits of pod learning. Want to know more? Check out “Essential Steps to Build Your Home-Based Learning Pod” to get the information you need about finding other families for your pod, organizing your resources, and creating lesson plans. Once you’re ready to get started, visit “8 Easy-to-Use Resources for Pod Parents” for a smattering of some of our favorite resources and guides on pod schooling and learning.

As families rethink education during the pandemic, these personalized options are becoming more and more popular. Give these links a try to see if pod learning is right for your family and get you on the road to creating your own.