The global pandemic continues to disrupt the education experience for students across the country, and #LearnEverywhere remains a community built by and curated for parents and educators. Whether it’s learning more about microschools, learning pods, homeschooling co-ops, or access to local resources, #LearnEverywhere remains an online community designed to help every kid continue to learn everywhere.

Microschools are just that – micro-schools. They can range from a reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse with a teacher, to a blended, student-centric experience that’s one-part homeschooling cooperative, one part learning pod, one part traditional classroom setting. Every microschool is a little different and that variety is good – it’s all about your kid and creating a learning experience that meets their needs.

Microschool Revolution

"Microschool Revolution connects worthy microschools with seed money to grow."

Swing Education

"Bubbles by Swing Education matches you with screened K-12 educators for in home learning pods"

Acton Academy
Austin, TX

(multi-city) The flagship school is in Austin, Texas, but Acton Academy has more than 10 campuses across the country. Several more are scheduled to open soon, including one in Budapest, Hungary. Acton makes use of the hero's journey to create learning environments to support students throughout their education, bringing learning into the 21st century.

Alpine Achievers Institute
Monte Vista, CO

"Alpine Achievers Initiative (AAI) inspires, connects and nurtures youth, families and communities in rural Colorado."

San Francisco, CA

"Brightworks is a K-12 school that reimagines education by taking the best practices from both early childhood education and hands-on, project-based experiential learning. We strive to meet students’ needs in a flexible, mixed-age environment that breaks the conventional walls between school and the community outside the classroom. We offer a broad-spectrum learning environment designed to encourage creative capacity, tenacity, and citizenship."

Embark Education
Denver, Colorado

"Embark education, a middle school, supports students to courageously inquire, engage, and discover a sense of self."

Full Circle School
Bernardston, MA

"Full Circle School is a small, independent elementary school that serves students ages 5 - 12 years old and offers both half-day and full-day kindergarten options. Intelligence, innocence, and courage are nurtured in our carefully crafted learning community. We believe in discovery based learning, multi-aged classrooms, engaging students’ individual interests, and the importance of giving children the opportunity to play in nature every day. "

Highlands Micro School
Denver, CO

"Micro students, teachers, and parents value learning as a lifelong process and believe that each child is a unique and capable student. The Schoolhouse is a creative and nurturing environment where teachers and parents work together, providing rich social and academic opportunities. Our mission is to harness the joy of curiosity and inquiry, using it to promote problem-solving and social skills so that our students may become confident, resourceful community members.

At capacity, our total number of students is 24. This small group of eager learners is supported by two full-time teachers and two part-time support teachers."

Khan Lab School
Mountain View, CA

"Focused on providing the adaptive and technical support required to deliver a truly learner-centered school experience. Although lab school is in the name, several people I've spoken to categorized this Bay Area school launched by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, as a micro school."

Long-view Learning
Austin, TX

"Perhaps the best way to think of us is to compare us to the restaurant industry. Think of a chain restaurant with a menu as big as an encyclopedia. Now think of your favorite neighborhood, farm-to-table restaurant that serves a few spectacular dishes made from the best ingredients.
We are farm-to-table for schools."

MYSA School
Washington, DC

"Mysa School combines the best of both worlds: a tight-knit, small learning community that builds interpersonal skills and, at the same time, the best academic lessons, classes, and programs from around the globe – personally tailored for each student."

Nature School/Everberry
Mankato, MN

"Nature-based learning is a way of interacting with the natural world to create a sense of curiosity in children that inspires them to explore. Through this exploration they can learn, problem-solve, collaborate, and create relationships. Everberry spends on average more than 25% of the school day outdoors."

Online schools can run the gamut of things from free, virtual public schools in your state to a fully-private online curriculum. Online schools can be fully interactive--even virtual reality--experiences or a more standard, sequenced set of modules. We've compiled a list of some popular and interesting online schools here.


"Connections Academy® is an online schooling option supported by Pearson, the world’s learning company. These high-quality, tuition-free online public schools are available in many states. Students learn from home, with parent involvement, and connect to curriculum, teachers, classmates, and resources using the internet. Most Connections Academy–supported online schools serve students in grades K–12 and are accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies"


"We are K12, empowering high-quality, personalized learning. We make the most of technology to support inspired teaching and interactive curriculum, so students can learn in the ways that work for them. Over one million students have chosen K12-powered schools. Will you be ONE, too?"

Pearson Online

"Pearson Online Academy is an accredited, online private school for students in grades K-12 brought to you by the experts in virtual learning. We empower students worldwide to achieve academic excellence through our affordable, high-quality online education that emphasizes college prep"

Penn Foster

"Enhance the lives of our students and clients through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and credentials that can help them work toward their goals of advancing in their chosen field, starting a new career, or pursuing lifelong learning"

The Keystone School in PA   

"Keystone online education programs offer quality learning in a non-traditional environment for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. If you're the parent of a child who is entering kindergarten, is seeking a different full-time learning environment, or needs to supplement current schoolwork, Keystone's programs are designed to meet your goal."

Wide Open School

"We hope that Wide Open School helps make learning from home an experience that inspires kids, supports teachers, relieves families, and restores community."

ASU Digital
Statewide, AZ

"ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online school where you can take a single online course or enroll in a full-time, diploma-granting program. Because we are part of Arizona State University, we offer an accelerated path toward college admission and the chance to earn concurrent high school and university credit."

Da Vinci Schools
El Segundo, CA

"Da Vinci Remote is a free public school option offering a rigorous, personalized education that draws on the successful Da Vinci Schools approach to empower students in grades 9-12 to succeed in college and the workplace."

Epic Charter Schools
Tulsa, OK

"Epic Charter Schools combines the convenience of online learning with the support of one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma certified teacher. This blended learning model allows students and families to set their own pace with the guidance and instruction from an Epic Charter Schools teacher who meets with them face-to-face as needed."

Florida Virtual
Statewide, Florida

"Take your education beyond classroom walls with online elementary, middle, and high school courses. With engaging and interactive content available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, our curriculum encourages students to master key concepts as they progress through lessons. Throughout the learning experience, students receive support from certified teachers who provide one-on-one instruction."

Georgia Cyber
Atlanta, Georgia

"GCA provides a learning environment where students are empowered to reach their full academic potential through active participation in live interactive classes and an engaging curriculum that supports individualized and differentiated student learning paths."

Indiana University High School
Bloomington, IN

"IU High School draws on the resources and expertise housed within the gates of Indiana University, collaborating with some of the world’s foremost thinkers and researchers on learning to continually develop and refine our rigorous coursework."

Rio Rancho Cyber Academy
Rio Rancho, New Mexican

"Rio Rancho Cyber is an alternative educational setting supported by the Rio Rancho Public School District, serving students in grades 6 through 12."

TEL Library
Norman, Oklahoma

"TEL Library is a non-profit organization that partners with accredited institutions and training organizations to deliver college-level courses and workforce training at truly affordable prices. We are committed to facilitating equitable access to high-quality, affordable learning in the U.S."

Homeschool has come a long way. With the ever-changing landscape of education, especially in response to COVID-19, and the increase in access to world-class curriculum, homeschooling is a rich landscape of real-world experiences, virtual meetups, camps, and dozens of other learning experiences that take myriad different forms. Here are a few resources that can help any parent navigate this age-old learning model. And remember, homeschooling doesn’t always mean, you and your kids stuck at home, it can be a hybrid that involves teachers, tutors, neighbors, family and friends.

African American Homeschool Moms

"An online community where African-American moms could network and share encouragement and resources about their homeschool experiences."

Calvert Homeschool/Edmentum

"Calvert Homeschool's award-winning educational products have enabled thousands of families to discover the amazing benefits of home-based education."

National Homeschool Association

"The NHSA is the national headquarters for homeschooling in America. The NHSA provides comprehensive support, programs, activities, and resources to the nationwide community of homeschoolers."

Prenda Family

“Prenda Family helps parents do in-home education in a unique, low-stress, and transformative way.”


"Our goal is simple: free the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, more creative, and think for themselves — starting with homeschoolers"

Quantum Camp

"Experience science and math in an invigorating and meaningful way. Our students connect to the principles that govern our wondrous and uncertain universe. Our approach is interactive and positive. We pose science and math challenges and guide your students to find solutions. We are a team of educators who know how to captivate students and convey the beauty of our amazing universe! "

Alpine Achievers Supplemental Homeschool Program
Monte Vista, CO

"This program is designed to provide social extracurricular activities for homeschool students and families. The program runs throughout the regular school year and consists of 2-3 programs per week that vary in scope and subject."

Clonlara School
Ann Arbor, MI

"From kindergarten through 12th grade, every Clonlara student learns through an individualized, meaningful, and relevant process called Full Circle Learning. This research-supported model encourages students to formulate questions and discover answers about subjects that capture their attention, leading them to deeper understandings that they are able to share, challenge, and extend."

Kullan Village
Denver, CO

"We exist to create a safe, collaborative learning environment for black homeschooling families to explore and embrace our heritage and identity."

My Tech High
Provo, UT

"Under the direction of our partner schools, My Tech High teachers and staff work closely with parents to design a personalized education plan for every child—at no cost to the family!"

Oak Meadow
Brattleoro, VT

"At Oak Meadow, we see you as a traveler on a journey of learning—a fellow educator, not just a customer."

Sycamore Academy
Keene, TX

"Our purpose is to provide an enriched and extended educational program through quality instruction in a varied and enriched learning environment that supports parents in teaching their children at home."