What this mom would tell the world about microschools

Dear Moms and Dads,

We are all dealing with this new “normal” when it comes to education—go easy on yourself! Pod learning, microschooling, or homeschooling maybe isn’t everyone’s bag, but the best thing I’ve learned since the pandemic began is that it’s empowering to teach somebody, well . . . something! So I hope this letter can at least provide insight to anyone wondering about alternative options to help your kids find the right path that works for them.

My steps to developing what I think will be a pretty cool microschool:

Social media is your friend! Join groups and share, share, share! Lots of other families are interested and wanting to connect! Check out families in other states and what they might be doing as well — great ideas are out there! Here’s what’s happening in my state.

Once you find a group, discuss and decide on responsibilities. If you have a passion for history, perhaps you can plan the history lessons? Maybe you don’t feel comfortable leading a lesson, but you are able to open your home and provide snacks. Find a recipe here.

Make a schedule for consistency. Where will the group meet? How many days a week? The best part of microschooling is that it doesn’t have to be 5 days a week 6–8 hours a day. Here’s an example of some flexible schedules.

Use the best of what is out there online to help! We use an online math program that allows all kids to work on their own, moving at their own pace—perfect for a mixed age group. But we do science as a collaborative activity. You can plan a math lesson here.

Consider creating a “code of conduct.” Get input from the kids as well! What will help us be successful? How will we resolve conflicts? Why should you teach values instead of rules in your own “classroom” environment? Learn more here.

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you and your pod this fall!

Sarah Raybon – Pod Moms on Paper

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