Can YouTube Make Math Fun? These 5 Channels Think So

We get it–this whole “at-home learning” can feel hard to navigate, especially when it’s a new journey for your family. If you listen too closely to the mom bloggers, plopping little Ava down with the iPad might feel borderline abusive. But, turns out, there’s more to the Internet than viral videos or the latest YouTube video showing you how to give the fireplace a whitewash or clean the carb on that old Toro.

YouTube is all the rage these days … probably because it can teach us virtually everything. And, when we need a break from learning, we can watch crazy Russian driving accidents for a reprieve. It’s truly magical.

We’re here to offer some ideas and resources that can keep your learner engaged and on the device they probably ask for the most. Below you’ll find a roundup of five YouTube channels with math and math-related lessons.

1. Vihart

Putting a fun little spin on math, Vihart uses drawing and animations–visual learning aids–to pull apart the complexity of some challenging math concepts. Simple, homemade, and wholesome, Vihart’s lesson’s don’t feel like anything you’d see in a math textbook and that’s exactly why we love them. Be warned, Vi’s math is best suited for learners ready for more complex math ideas. 

2. Numberphile

If you’ve ever been challenged with the Monty Hall Problem, you’ll know that math can be fun, tricky, and useful. That’s exactly how Numberphile thinks about and explains math. Their videos and hosts are exciting but not overproduced. These are folks who love math and are great explainers. Numberphile hosts hundreds of unique mathematics videos that cover the full gamut of topics.

But don’t be scared–Numberphile doesn’t for one second feel like school. These videos, with goofy visuals and terrible (but clever) animations, immerse your little learner in the spirit of math.

3. Computerphile

One real challenge in teaching math–especially the more philosophical concepts–is finding a way to relate it back to the world. We know, however, that technology is based on both the most powerful and most simple math concepts in the world. It’s fair to say that math drives most all of technology and powers the computers that run our lives.

Computerphile, a sister channel to Numberphile, uses computers to help us understand applied math concepts and theories. And… wait for it… it’s pretty darn fun.

Ready to nerd out? Check out this little number on floating-point numbers.

4. Khan Academy

Nearly every parent already knows about the wonders of Salman Khan and his individualized learning platform. What you might not know, though, is that Khan’s YouTube channel has a bevy of great resources for quick shopping and learning.

Your little learner doesn’t need to always push through to the next lesson in the series. Jump on Khan’s YT channel and let your learner tackle some new concepts or even use the channel as a reference library to augment other work they’re doing. Khan’s videos have nice, simple visuals and polished voiceovers. Check out this example on, dare I say, rhombi:

5. WOWmath

And the award for dorkiest name goes to WOWmath… Yeah, it sounds like it should be sold to a live audience only while supplies last for just two easy payments of $19.99. But, WOWmath truly did make us say… woah. See what I did there?

Explained simply and shot over the shoulder, WOW’s videos feel like you’re jumping into the body of the smartest kid in your class. I’d probably have opted for the 4-sport athlete, but for learning math this works just fine. Take a watch of this little lesson on limits.

Set your learner free to roam on the vast education library on YouTube.