PBS Learning Media Offers PreK-12 Lesson ideas, videos, games and other resources

On the PBS Learning Media Page, educators and parents can find lesson ideas, videos, games and other resources that are aligned to state and national standards. The library of resources ranges from PreK to high school, with nearly all subjects at each grade level being covered. Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Engineering, Technology, Health, Physical Education, The Arts, and World Language are among the disciplines that PBS offers lesson materials for. Many of these resources are connected to developmentally appropriate PBS shows such as that children and teens may already be familiar with and interested in. Parents and teachers simply select the lesson and they are able to access the video, curriculum materials, and standards addressed. Within each grade range, content can be filtered by discipline, type of resource, timeliness and popularity. From a management standpoint, the materials can feed directly into Google Classroom or be assigned out from the PBS site, which is https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/.