NewseumED offers 1000’s of lesson plans, classes, digital artifacts, other free learning tools

NewseumED offers thousands of lesson plans, classes, digital artifacts, historical events, and other learning tools that can be useful for e-learning, homeschooling, and independent study. The site’s lesson plan offerings can be particularly useful for Social Studies and Journalism study, but can be used in other disciplines as well. Independent learners in grades 3 through 12 and even adults may find some of the EDClasses to be engaging during this period of extended school closure. The Newseum offers many courses on media savviness, including “Fighting Fake News: How to Outsmart Trolls and Troublemakers” (for grades 6-12 and college) and “Is It Fair? Evaluate Your Media” (for grades 7-12). For those interested in learning about their rights, “Understanding the First Amendment” (for grades 3-12) and “You Can’t Say That?!” (for grades 9-12) may be of interest, too. Courses on journalistic ethics such as “Photo Ethics”(for grades 7-12) and “Media Ethics” (for grades 6-12) are also offered. Explore the many offerings of NewseumED at