Little Twisters Yoga lessons offer strength, balance, breathing, focus practice

Little Twisters Yoga allows children as young as two to participate in a yoga practice, as they learn to move their bodies into yoga poses that are modified to be age-appropriate. Yoga can provide physical exercise, while also teaching skills such as strength, balance, breathing, and focus. In response to school and activity closures, Little Twisters Yoga & Emotional Wellness has temporarily made all products in their online store free. The online store features lessons such as Beginner Poses, Space Shapes, Summer Olympics, Farm Theme, and more. Several of the yoga practices also feature book pairings, which can make for an even more engaging lesson. For children feeling anxious or experiencing other difficult to manage emotions during this time, check out the Yoga to Rest & Refocus: Help Kids to Slow Down the Body & Quiet the Mind and Yoga to Calm: Help Kids Channel Energy & Ease Big Emotions lessons, which are currently free in the online store.