Explore basic tenets of government through primary source documents in interactive game – Engaging Congress

Engaging Congress is an interactive game that uses primary source documents, photos, maps, political cartoons, and other items to explore the basic tenets of representative government and the challenges faced in today’s society. Through gameplay in any of the five stories offered, students will explain the central idea of a primary source document, accurately summarize the key ideas, evaluate differing points of view on the event, evaluate multiple sources of information, and analyze a primary source as it relates to an issue of the past. The game hits both Social Studies and ELA standards while offering an interactive experience to learners. Engaging Congress is available as a free download for mobile devices or can be played online at https://simmer.io/@HalfFullNelson/engaging-congress. Additional supplemental materials, including a teacher toolbox – featuring learning objectives, activities, and a bank of multiple-choice and essay questions, are available at https://engagingcongress.org/.

Learning Objectives