EDHelper: Free Daily gradeschool worksheets

The folks at EdHelper have been making beautiful and engaging worksheets for a long time. They’ve been kind enough to open up some of their best resources to all the folks affected by Covid-19 as you scramble to practice some in-home learning.

Here’s how they describe themselves: ” Let us give you a helping hand in the classroom and at home. Our dynamic worksheets put amazing resources to increase students’ intelligence and creativity in all areas of learning literally at your fingertips! Colorful, clear, and fun resources can be customized to meet individual needs. Fascinating projects develop team-building skills and communication. Jump right in and see how these worksheets will transform learning for the students you love.”

Every day for the coming weeks, EdHelper will be released workbooks for every grade level from 1-6. The books are packed with fun stuff for your elementary-aged student to sink their teeth into.

You can find the daily sheets posted right here: https://www.edhelper.com/teacher-education/Daily-Free-Learning-Workbooks-for-Teachers-to-Share-with-Parents-while-Schools-are-Closed-Kids-will-actually-do-these.htm