Differentiate non-fiction reading with Newsela

Newsela takes authentic non-fiction current event stories and turns them into high quality educational resources that are suitable for a variety of learners. The site features high interest articles and text sets from reliable publications that allow kids and teens to read about the world around them at their own reading level. Each story is rewritten several times so that it can be accessed at five different Lexile levels, making Newsela the perfect resource for tailoring instruction for kids and teens at any Lexile level. Beyond offering engaging content at the appropriate Lexile level, Newsela also offers quizzes to check reading comprehension and writing prompts to get students to express the connections they make with the text. Newsela requires an account to be made, but it is offering its services for free for the reminder of the 2019-2020 school year in an effort to assist students, parents and educators in this unprecedented time. Check out all that Newsela has to offer at https://newsela.com/!