Daily Instagram Drawing Lessons

Instagrammer and artist, Wendy MacNaughton, has made headlines with her viral illustrations and art in the past. During this Covid crisis, she’s turning her artistic ability into a virtual learning opportunity. Check out her daily art lessons streaming on Instagram. Read about it in the below post and be sure to follow her.

And, if that doesn’t do it for you, at least take a look at her great “What Should I Do?” Corona Virus cheat sheet, pasted below. Read the full post she wrote at Medium here: https://medium.com/@wendymacnaughton_7770/what-should-i-do-illustated-corona-virus-advice-flowchart-57077138a387



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DRAWING CLASS! 10am pst here on instagram Live every day this week! (Today’s class was SO FUN. We drew each other and a dog! Everybody did so great. If you missed it it’s in my Instagram story for 24 hrs.) The class is for kids of all ages, parents of kids, parents of parents, aunties/uncles, friends and pets. I thought it would be 5 minutes but seems like it more like 20? Long enough for parents to get a little work done or take a shower and take a couple deep breathes. We’ll do some calming drawing exercises, too. Supplies: paper and pencil, and then you can go crazy with pens and paints later. Classes will be kept in stories for 24 hours! Tag all your drawings and photos from class #drawtogether so we can share our work with each other!! Also check out the amazing @carsonellis for a daily art assignment, and @oliverjeffers who is reading at 11am pst everyday and the fabulous fave @macbarnett who is reading his books at noon pst. The best. Homebound fun and learning for all. We’re all in this together❤️

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