Daily education Breakdowns from Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been perhaps the most disruptive brand in education in the last two decades. Their mastery-based e-learning tools have absolutely changed the game for education and they’ve gone a long way to bringing us closer to a system that can work largely online.

Leadership at Khan Academy has released a statement with a number of helpful links and resources. You can find the statement page here or read it below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSZhOdEPAWjUQpqDkVAlJrFwxxZ9Sa6zGOq0CNRms6Z7DZNq-tQWS3OhuVCUbh_-P-WmksHAzbsrk9d/pub

This is a trying time for everyone. As a mission-focused non-profit, it is Khan Academy’s duty to do our part to ensure students keep learning amidst the school closures. We also want to support teachers and parents to the best of our ability as we navigate this crisis together.

These schedules are meant to be templates that you could adopt as is or copy and modify to better suit the needs of your children, classroom or district. As you see in the schedules below, Khan Academy does have self-paced, interactive content–exercises, videos and articles–for students in every grade and in most major subject areas. It is all free and non-commercial and is made possible by philanthropic support from people like you. Teachers and parents can also use our teacher tools to monitor progress and assign specific work.  This could be made even more powerful if it is complemented with Google Hangout, Zoom or Skype video conference sessions with teachers and classmates. For example, teachers can hold video conference “office hours” during the day where students can go to get questions answers and teachers can monitor student progress on goals. The video conference office hours could also be done by parent volunteers or older students (different parents can choose to “cover” different parts of the day or different subjects based on their expertise). We are also having daily (weekdays) 9am PST/12 EST live streams on Facebook and YouTube for students, parents and teachers navigating school closures.

Go here if you have general questions about how to use Khan Academy as a teacher or parent.

Go here for teachers resources (videos and articles) to understand Khan Academy generally and how to get your class set up.

Student schedules:

And here’s a little inspiration.