CueThink makes math social, collaborative for learners in grades 2-12

Created for students in 2nd through 12th grade, CueThink is a peer-to-peer application that aims to improve students’ critical thinking skills by making math more social and collaborative. In this period of extended school closure, parents and teachers are being urged to keep their learners feeling socially connected, all while practicing social distancing and CueThink offers an effective platform for this. The tablet and web-based tool captures and presents the thinking process by having learners create “thinklets” or video vignettes of their solutions. After their work is published to the gallery, students can obtain timely, high quality feedback from peers and teachers alike. In this online platform, students are expected to apply mathematician George Pólya’s four phases of problem solving: understand, plan, solve, and review. These strategies will serve learners long beyond the days of e-learning, as they prepare students for new performance-based assessments as well as college and career readiness. CueThink is available for free through July in an effort to ease the burden of distance learning. Check it out at