Actively Learn offers 1000’s of Free ELA, Science, Social Studies Materials

Actively Learn is an online tool that boasts a library of thousands of texts as well as common-core aligned lessons that learners and educators can interact with in real-time. The platform’s extensive collection features texts and videos for ELA, Science, Social Studies, and more, complete with scaffolds to assist students and higher-order questions to push learners to their highest potential. The site features articles, text sets, and complete units that can be assigned to learners. Teachers and parents can also upload their own texts and interactive content to the curriculum platform and design lessons on any topic desired. All content can also sync with Google Classroom, which can make e-learning lesson planning easier for teachers who are already utilizing this platform. Actively Learn has made their curriculum platform and library of resources available for free through the summer of 2020 in order to make independent and e-learning possible for students, parents and teachers. The company is offering daily live Webinars on how to implement this platform for the extended school closures. To try Actively Learn or sign up for the Webinar, go to