Kids playing

Looking for fresh learning ideas this year? Here are three ways you can resolve to #LearnEverywhere in 2021.

An At-Home Science Fair

Recently, Outschool hosted a virtual science fair with more than 350 participants from three continents. 

While something like this is always an option, you can also have a “science fair” on a smaller scale — with your kids, your neighborhood, a group of friends, or your extended family. In person or online, these projects are a great way to learn while having fun! 

The show must go on

While a lot of learners have been getting creative this year, they’ve mostly been individual projects. Why not have an art show to let your learners share their creations or take inspiration from Prenda and create skits to share.

As with the science fair, this could be a big group or small. Share your creativity and get inspired.

Think outside the (game) box

Sometimes, thinking outside the box means using something in a box — a fun educational game. In 2021, #LearnEverywhere by having some fun. The Home School Legal Defense Association has put together a list of six games that work on skills such as executive function, language, and logic, all disguised as play. 

Let’s resolve to #LearnEverywhere this year by getting creative, working together, and having a lot of fun along the way. What are your educational resolutions for this year?